Where it all began..

I’ve always loved flowers! Being outside in God’s Creation has always brought me peace and joy, especially in the spring. New life is blooming, birds are chirping, baby calves are being born – and it’s time to think about gardening and flowers! 

There were many years in my life that I didn’t have the freedom to enjoy being outside. Sickness, surgery, and pain has been a constant part of my life since childhood. Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes it’s hard to find joy when you hurt. Somehow, no matter the circumstances, I’ve found joy in planting flowers. There’s something special about what God has created for us to enjoy, all of the amazing colors and detail of each different plant. There is something magical about watching things grow. A God that cares so much about us to create all these beautiful plants for us to enjoy says a lot about how much he loves each and every one of us.

I’m thankful that God has given me better health over the last couple of years. It’s allowed me to be back outside and following my passion. I can’t wait to see YOU at our greenhouses. I hope you feel JOY when you come to 7 Rhodes Market and know how much you are loved by our Savior!