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Livin' Easy Rose

Plant Habit Medium
Growth Habit Rounded, bushy
Plant Height 30 inches to 5 feet
Plant Width 2 to 6 feet
Stem Length Medium-length, good for cutting
Foliage Color Bright glossy green
Disease Resistance Excellent
Flower Color Warm blendable apricot-orange
Bud Form Long & pointed
Flower Size Large, 4-inch diameter
Flower Form Double, ruffled
Petal Count 25 to 30

All you have to do is just stick it in the ground, give it a little water, kick back and watch it grow. The foliage is so glossy green and free from black spot that the bush looks great even without flowers. But you won't have much of an opportunity to see just leaves 'cause it blooms up a storm. Scrumptious flowers of showy apricot orange will light up your landscape. Very consistent in all climates. Great in the landscape or in mass plantings. Available budded & own-root.

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