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Take It Easy Rose

Plant Habit Medium height
Growth Habit Upright, bushy
Stem Length Medium
Foliage Color Dark rich green
Disease Resistance Very good
Flower Color Velvety dark red with lighter pink reverse
Bud Form Pointed & shapely
Flower Size Medium, around 3½-4 inch diameter
Flower Form Globular & cuppy
Petal Count 15 to 25

Take It Easy, relax and enjoy life! You won't have much work to do in the garden after planting this new rose for which NATURAL DISEASE resistance is a true statement. The dark green, shiny & healthy foliage is the perfect background to showcase the many clustering buds and flowers. Of a classic red color, this dynamite of a rose has ideal pointy and very elegant buds. The red coloration doesn't go too pink or blue as the petals are falling away. A touch of lighter pink reverse light up the show of this blooming 'machine'. And that's not all. The plant's excellent vigor and the naturally self-maintained habit are other reasons why you can Take It Easy!

Information provided by Weeks Roses