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Botanical Name Zinnia elegans
Common Name Zinnea
Plant Type Annual shrubs
Mature Size 1-4 ft. tall, 12-18 in. wide
Sun Exposure Full sun
Soil Type Well-draining
Soil pH 5.5-7.5
Bloom Time Late spring through first frost
Flower Color Pink, purple, yellow, orange, lavender, white, red, and green
Hardiness Zones Annuals in 2-8, perennial in 9-11 (USDA)
Native Area South America, Mexico, southwestern United States

Zinnias are a gift from hot climates but gardeners everywhere can easily grow them. They are fast-growing, warm-season annual flowers that bloom with abandon and require only minimal care.

Although we traditionally think of zinnias as bold, hot-palette colors, there are new ones being introduced every year, including some cool whites. There are tall, short, and spreading varieties and they all are very easy to grow, withstanding some of the worst growing conditions.

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